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It’s the busy time of year where I don’t make time to update LJ. I need to, for myself mostly. I do use it as a personal life archive as much as anything.
Let’s see. Since July:

  • Claire started 7th grade. She made the A volleyball team and is really enjoying it. They lost their first match but played well. She's still in the TAG program and was invited to take the ACT as a 7th grader--pretty cool. She was featured in a front-page article in the local paper http://www.bonnersprings.com/news/2013/sep/04/bonner-seventh-grader-moonlights-stilt-walker/ .

  • Kenzie is learning important life lessons related to roommates and will be moving out of her rental house this month, back to her Dad’s for a while, then is talking about moving to Lawrence with a male friend. We’ll see how that plays out. She’s dealing with loneliness that comes from changing social circles and growing up. Generally she’s okay and I’m doing a much better job of staying out of her business, listening without offering advice, and letting her learn her lessons. She turned 21 and is working at Danny’s bar and grill at the Legends.

  • Matt has his own show this year at KCRF and is going GREAT things. I’m so excited for him there are no words. As a result of his show he’s already been asked to quote a show in NE this winter!

  • I’m working with T’Ger again this year. I love, love, love that gig and am so glad he has me back each year. I’m also serving at the Bawdy Beer Show (formerly the Smoker) and it’s as fun as always. This has been the toughest opening two weekends in a long time. The heat has been horrible. But we've survived and it will get better from here on out!

  • Work is … it got rough for a while. I was supporting 8 people/teams and was running into the wall on a daily basis. After losing 6.5 days to non-stop data entry and watching my regular workload pile up I put my foot down and told my boss I am never doing that again. I put together a proposal asking him to define my job and make the salary match. I have my mid-year review Friday and he is to talk with one of my other supervisors/Exec Dirs this week as they travel together, so I’m looking forward to resolution. Not counting on more money but a clear job description that is communicated to the team will be very helpful. We have a new CMO starting the first of next month so we’ll have a bit of adjustment added to the revolving door that is the marketing department at Applebee’s.

  • 4-H is still there. We made it through the unnecessary drama of the fair. The extension agent (the county wide leader) is retiring at the end of the year. I’m hopeful that will bring positive changes.

  • I’m still going to the gym and feeling good about the progress I’m making in terms of toning and my shape and my abilities to lift. My pants are all getting too big again, which is a good thing because my mid-section is one of my struggle points. I’m frustrated that the scale will. Not. Move. But I just keep doing my best. I didn’t go last week because of the 3 day faire weekend and its toll on me. Will go tonight for a short bit because at 99 degrees and no A/C I won’t last long.

  • Matt is going to the gym regularly, too, and it’s REALLY showing. He’s down 25 lbs or so and looks ah-maz-ing. He’s also still working with the roller derby.

That’s the basic state of the Dani. Busy busy but that’s how it is. I sometimes just hang for the ride.
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